Angela Pasion “Design is my…”

Raised in the suburbs of Richmond, Angela’s perception of the world has been more or less inclined towards the aesthetic essence of things around her. Whether it’s simple doodles from her childhood or more concentrated pieces from her final year at WSD, design has been a compilation of not just art, but a significant symbol of her ambition and self-discovery. After four years of: impulsive thinking—impulsive doing—iced chai lattes, attempting to understand Adobe, true crime podcasts, and never going to bed before 2AM, take a peek into Angela’s creative headspace.

01Branding, Packaging, Campaign Kamuning Bakery is a local neighbourhood bakery based in the Philippines dedicated to serving a variety of traditional, no-preservatives, made by hand, authentically Filipino-style bread. And after a run of highly successful generations, 82 years and counting, the bakery has planned to expand their business and establish a second branch with a cafe downtown. Kamuning needed a new identity that not only articulated the company’s rich history but also reflected their evolution.

02Editorial Design, Infographic The Lonely Death of a Boy and a Dream is the first chapter of a series of info-booklets that shed light on the buried tragedies of indigenous children in Canada’s tainted Residential school system from 1831 to 1996. Chapter One tells the story of Ojibwe First Nations boy, Chanie “Charlie” Wenjack. Using an Article published in the 1967 Maclean Newspaper, Angela attempts to map out each step of Chanie’s Journey. From his home in Ogoki Post to Cecilia Jefferey Residential School, to the railway tracks of his final resting place.

03Rebranding, Campaign, UX/UI Founded in 2015, 88rising began as a music collective and management for up-and-coming artists discovered by the founder, Sean Miyashiro, himself or over the internet. Their goal at the time was to become “the most wavy, iconic crew” and to represent not only Asian immigrants, but all immigrants. While that remains a part of the company’s DNA, 88rising has evolved into a network for Asian American and Asian artists that release music in the United States. 88rising introduced and continues to introduce the vast diaspora of Asia and brings them together. The redesign of its identity represents the idea of the future and the versatility to adapt to any context, in a simple and dynamic way, in a modern language prepared for new platforms.

04Editorial Design, Typography