01. Print

Despite half of their degree being online, the Graphic Design for Marketing Grads of 2022 are print savvy. With projects ranging from information books, to bilingual brochures, to posters, these Grads don’t mess around when it comes to C.M.Y.K.

02. Digital

UI design and UX functionality are no strangers to these designers. Backed with productivity apps, truth and reconciliation websites, non-profit platforms, and more, these Grads are primed with the accessibility considerations of a digital world.

03. Identity

Research backed and rationale packed, these projects help brands differentiate, connect to their target audiences, and communicate the heart and soul behind the products and services.

04. Advertising

These Grads have a thing or two to say about ethical practices in marketing, and they know a little something about catching attention and clarity in messaging. CTA: Check out our awesome campaign work!

05. Packaging

The front lines of a products lifespan can be a scary place, luckily these designers use colour, type and scale to fend off competition and win the hearts of target audiences. Signed, sealed, delivered.