The designer who can think outside the margins but design within them. If you need an idea maker to help reinvent yourself or to blaze a totally new trail, this one is for you.

Identity, Print, Digital


A fictional rebrand for a luxury private jet company that seeks to recreate its image for the next stage of its corporate journey. This project began with an extensive brand audit, followed by prototyping of multiple versions of the brand mark, and finally, a rollout across different mediums.



A fictional branding and packaging project for high end Ski goggles made with the finest quality materials and profits that go towards supporting the work of the North Shore Search and Rescue. Born out of sketches, 3D modeling, and multiple rounds of revisions to the mark and packaging, Doubleblack turned into a bit of a passion project over time.

Identity, Advertising

Rumrow Exhibit

A fictional Vancouver based pop up presentation covering the Prohibition Era with a combined Illustrative and image-based approach uncommon to historical space. This project served as my capstone and went through numerous iterations and revisions that challenged my creative problem solving. The result is wonderfully unusual for an exhibit, with a striking color palette and interesting iconography.