Hi, my name is Jason Lin! When I first applied to Kwantlen, I was enrolled in marketing. After one semester of studying, I realized that the fashion marketing program in WSD would fit my job position better. I work at 8 PM SHOP as a general manager. 8 PM SHOP is a sneaker and streetwear retail store located in Richmond Aberdeen Center. Before I started the program, all I knew was that I would get to learn how to combine fashion and marketing. School has never been easy for me, but I was willing to double my effort to study for something I love. As time has passed, I have faced many new problems in my job and made our store better by applying the knowledge l gained from the program. Also, within the program, all the projects have offered real challenges for me to progress and become better. All this added to my confidence as I built more skills by learning to navigate things I had never done before. The support from WSD has allowed me to do better in my job and become more professional. I believe that the skills I have learned are applicable to any and almost every aspect of life moving forward.

Pop-Up Field Research Project

The goal of this project was to create a better view of pop-up stores and events. The work environment of stores would be in any format. By, using a timeline to show the project’s process could give the audiences a better sense. This practice of doing a timeline project could build up excellent habits to help future studies and career.

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