Cam is a Product Designer committed to putting people at the centre of his design approach. He believes that getting your hands dirty and learning through direct experiences is essential to great design. He approaches each challenge with curiosity and puts an emphasis on understanding the users’ needs and challenges. Cam wants to influence the future by creating a cohesive balance between the human interface and technology, this includes the physical, digital and virtual realms.

Cam believes that great design is distilled from simple elements that result in intuitive human interactions.


An increasing number of hikers and backcountry enthusiasts are getting lost and/or injured due to inadequate, or inconsistent trail marking. This problem puts unnecessary strain on our Search and Rescue Volunteers. In order to correct this problem and alleviate this strain, trail markers need to be placed more consistently to ease hiker navigation. The problem with the current method of placing markers, with hammer and nail, is that the process is time consuming and does not ensure visibility in all seasons. A solution is needed to increase the efficiency of the task and ensure the markers are higher on trees.

The goal of this project is to design a tool, to help workers install trail markers up to three meters high. Markers should be visible in all weather conditions, which allows hikers to follow trails more easily and reduce incidents of lost hikers.

This project aims to solve the problem through design thinking, which consists of thorough research, concept exploration, prototyping and testing.

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