Tarun is an enthusiastic Product Designer in love with finding ways to answer the unknown. He believes in the intersection of art, science, design, and engineering. This is where he positions himself to thoughtfully apply design thinking and emerging technologies to create memorable and inclusive experiences. It is crucial for him to demonstrate design as a tool that empowers and brings empathetic solutions to the world.


This year-long capstone project took Tarun on a journey to answer the question, how might we provide culturally inclusive protective headgear for turban wearing Sikh construction workers?

Punjabi Sikhs represent an important part of the Canadian identity. They embody a beautiful and rich history founded on equality and spirituality. Currently, there are no appropriate headgear solutions available for Sikh construction workers that appreciate their diverse cultural needs. Turbaned Sikhs often face discrimination for being incompliant with the current headwear personal protective equipment, hardhats due to their article of faith. This ethical and safety dilemma leaves Sikh workers vulnerable to head injuries. It is time that their basic human right, safety, is defended.

Therefore, this project highlights the necessary steps needed to cultivate research and design to present an inclusive solution. This project involved quantitative and qualitative research, forming user persona, ideation, field hazard analysis, standards testing and multiple prototype iterations.

As a result, a discrete turban under-layer with innovative impact resistant material was developed, KES. To find out more about this project, visit my website at tarundesigns.com.

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