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Identity, Digital, Advertising


Textile waste is a crisis for our environment which inspired this original project. It is an international textile exhibition and conference meant to act as a forum for sharing fashion and textile conversation about sustainable practices and the future of the textile industry.

Identity, Advertising

Whold Foods Market

This is a rebranding of Whole Foods with a more contemporary, modern style. A new logo contains a variable system which now sets it apart with the ability to change, fill space, or frame content. The frame element is an abstract rendition of the view of a shopping basket from above. It is meant to represent living through Whole Food’s frame of values and also how it can change to fit your own values.


Youth Report

The goal of this project was to create a bilingual program for the Government of Canada, which uses their own content and displaying it in an interesting and mature way. French and English sections of copy are paired together throughout.