Emlyn is a graphic designer known for her clean and playful design style, which brings a fresh and fun approach to her projects. Her passion lies in branding and packaging projects, particularly those related to culture, food and beverage, or social causes.

Identity, Advertising

Chinatown Reimagined

My capstone project, “Chinatown, Reimagined”, aims to revitalize the Vancouver Chinatown area, discourage vandalism, and promote tourism. This project features a fresh, new visual identity, bilingual wayfinding, and marketing materials for a relaunch campaign.



Espy is an app targeting minorities (who are vulnerable to harassment), giving them an extra layer of protection and peace of mind while they are out and about. Although simple, deliberate choices were made with Espy’s design to ensure faster loading and being less conspicuous in high-stress situations.

Identity, Packaging

Frog & Berry

Frog & Berry Brewing Co. is a fictional, fun, and funky brewery co-op targeting young adult beer enthusiasts. The Hopping Grounds series features a selection of beers based on the native habitats of frogs and toads in BC, with a portion of proceeds going towards local endangered amphibian conservation efforts.