Sandy is an emerging graphic designer with a curious mind, thoughtful approach to design, and focus on creating visual stories that evoke deeper connections.

Identity, Packaging

Craft House

Craft House is co-op brewery focused on brewing exceptional experiences and community through the shared camaraderie and passion for quality beer. Craft House draws from the similarities between artisans and craft beer culture. Inspired by the creativity and experimentally bold great artists, the brewery developed a series of sour cheeky classics.


The Story Of

The Story Of is a narrative focused platform for the indigenous community to share their stories and experiences as a way to openly heal, inform, and bring awareness to the atrocities of residential schools and the long term impacts it has had on indigenous people.


State of Youth

Canada’s first State of Youth Report is a bilingual publication released by The Government of Canada. This report is meant to engage, encourage, and empower the voices of young people today and for future generations. In order to keep everything consistent and organized, the approach involved a simple and easy-to-read layout with an effective type hierarchy.