As a designer, Miguel understands brands as humans, and uses this information to create unconventional strategies. Having an intense intuition and high sense of emotional and psychological understanding allows him to create tactful and effective visual identities.

Identity, Print

Hongdae Pocha

This is a visual identity redesign of a Korean Restaurant located in Robson, Vancouver BC. The goal is to create vibrant visuals to match the vintage Korean street style dining experience.


Type Publication

A 3000 word document was given and the task was to create a publication design only using typography. The design direction took an abstract approach which speaks to the creative message the content was depicting about design.

Print, Advertising

Wilson School of Design Grad Posters

In this project, the aim was to create three different themes and directions for the graduation campaign. Miguel’s focus with this project was to showcase his ability to create 3 different typography and illustration styles.