Christina Tran is a graphic designer focused on the art of storytelling through the combination of bold imagery and conceptual thinking.

Awards and Recognition

  • 2022 Jim Rimmer Scholarship for Design, Honourable Mention
  • 2022 The Works Design Award for Web Design, Honourable Mention

Print, Digital


NORTHEAST is an educational website and resource for Chinese-Canadian history. This website is designed for young (Grade 5-7) classrooms. Through accessible lesson plans and interactive content, NORTHEAST helps teachers create an engaging classroom experience on the hardships and contributions of Chinese Canadians in Canadian culture and society.



Through brand research and analysis, it was discovered that BCFerries must undergo a visual transformation to reinforce their brand values and their mission statement across their customer touch points. Not only will this fictional brand identity and repositioning better reflect the company BCFerries is today, but it will usher in a new era of change for them as they work to become a leader in a more sustainable future.

Identity, Packaging


For youth in British Columbia, it is important that not only they receive free and/or low-cost counseling, but they feel as if they can communicate with an adult who is sensitive and thoughtful towards their identity and sexuality. The Communitea Collection is a herbal wellness tea collection which donates a portion of their funds to ensure the organizations which provide these services can continue to do so.