With an eye for detail and an analytical approach to design, Julian loves exploring new ideas and diving deep into concepts and research. When he’s not hammering away at a design, Julian’s an avid hobbyist and enjoys losing himself in models, video games, and other escapes.

Identity, Packaging


Snax is a concept for a nut-free snack and dessert brand with a vibrant, offbeat brand identity. Bold, chunky type, bright colors, and geometric patterns are used to create an impactful brand with a focus on fun and community. Packaging, marketing materials, and social media content were all designed to help support the brand’s launch.

Identity, Packaging


Offering unique takes on classic brews, Arcana is the flagship series of Alchemy Brewing, a conceptual craft brewery located in Vancouver, BC. Fitting the brand’s namesake, the Arcana series combines rustic medieval imagery with vibrant colors and geometric elements to create something new and unexpected.



Vivo (meaning ‘I live’) is a microsite examining mental health in men, and the factors, stigmas, and attitudes that contribute to this often overlooked issue. The site features editorial content to inform viewers on the issue and guide struggling men in the right direction, as well as a 24/7 helpline for men to reach out and voice their concerns in an open, non-judgemental space.