Hi, I’m Katie. I design to spread joy, uniquely solve problems, and inspire positive social change.

Identity, Print, Digital


The project of re-branding LITA was close to my heart as it is my aunts non-profit, helping orphaned children in Uganda, Africa. Their current branding is limited and outdated resulting in a lack of donations. I focused on giving the brand a modern refresh that focuses on all of the children the foundation helps.



With Penpal Stationary 70% of profits go to help low income families purchase back to school supplies for their children. My goal was to create fun and eye-catching illustrations to attract a younger target market as these packages would be sold at stores like Chapters.

Identity, Digital


I was tasked in re-branding the Vancouver Whitecaps. With the logo, I aimed to simplify it and draw more attention to the wave aspect of the brand naming. I also worked on creating brand image and messaging that spoke to inspire a younger generation of soccer players.