As a designer, I put a lot of trust in the process, often using experimentation to pivot, refine and find the best direction to move forward with. Projects that involve the mixing of concepts, a variety of mediums and a meaningful cause are what I find most rewarding and exciting to work on.

Identity, Advertising

John Fluevog

John Fluevog is a cult brand, known for it’s uniqueness and commitment to craftsmanship. The shoes are designed to be unexpected and quirky, often said that they are “always in style, because they’re never in style”. For the re-brand, a new identity was created as well as a marketing campaign. The identity was inspired using untraditional forms, by fusing numerical letterforms, to create the “J” and “F” in the logo.

Identity, Advertising

Darn and Dart

The fashion industry is valued at 3 trillion dollars globally. While it is a massive GDP producer, it has also been found to be the third largest polluter in the world. Darn and Dart was my capstone project and the (fictional) brand, though it can’t solely solve this problem, it aims to start a movement to curve it. By opening a modern take on a mending and alteration studio in Vancouver, B.C., they aim to make it easier to love the clothes you own.


Type in Motion

For this experimental type animation I was inspired by projects like “Linear Dreams” Richard Reeves, “Rythmic” Norman McLaren, “Korean Alphabet” Kim In Tae (NFB) and the more recent work of Sylvian Chaussée. I love working analog and I created this stop motion by scratching and painting the individual 35mm frames then scanning and stitching them together to make this film inspired by typography and letterforms.