Priya is a designer who focuses on understanding how to develop meaningful design solutions.

Awards and Recognition

  • 2022 Jim Rimmer Scholarship for Design, Winner — Ghosts: A Guide to Residential Schools
  • 2022 Salazar Award Interactive, Honourable Mention — My Ed Helper


Ghosts: A Guide to Residential Schools

Ghosts an educational book that tells the hardships and injustices the Indigenous communities have faced in Canada due to the Residential School system. It takes on the perspectives of four individuals whose stories intertwine with each other and the poem.

Identity, Print, Digital, Advertising

Komagata Maru

This traveling exhibit is an event that brings attention to the events of the Komagata Maru in Vancouver, and the after effects it had on both India and Canada. It’s an educational experience that is meant to support new immigrants from Punjab into Canada to help continue the legacy and dreams from those aboard the ship.

Identity, Print


After conducting research into the current branding of Osoyoos, it became clear that the brand could use a revamp. Taking from the history of the Okanagan First Nations and the pictograms they’d drawn in the mountains; a new visual identity had come together to honour the history of the land. Creating a new brand tone and voice that matched a forward-thinking direction, while staying true to the small-town community invites people to appreciate the area for exactly what it is.