Rachel is a dedicated and curious designer with a focus on producing work that is impactful, refreshing, and human-centered.

Identity, Digital

Coastal Jazz Rebrand

After thirty years of bringing outstanding artists and musicians to the stage, the Coastal Jazz brand was in need of a shift to reinforce its mission and values. Taking inspiration from the dynamic and unexpected nature of music, the revised branding introduces a modern concept. This allows for Coastal jazz to convey the history of its community while still recognizing the progressive nature the genre is built from.


Canada's Youth Report

Canada’s first State of Youth Report is a bilingual publication released by The Government of Canada. This report is meant to engage, encourage, and empower the voices of young people today and for future generations. In order to keep everything consistent and organized, the approach involved a simple and easy-to-read layout with an effective type hierarchy.

Identity, Packaging

Gestures Coffeehouse

Gestures Coffeehouse is a fictional coffee shop initiative providing employment opportunities for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. The visual identity conveys everything the company stands for: inclusivity, connection, and encouragement. The goal was to reflect the uniqueness of the coffee shop without making consumers feel excluded.