I like finding ways to be creative in all aspects of my life, that is why design is an outlet I appreciate so much. It has allowed me to be creative, and look at things in different perspectives while also creating work that is meaningful to me.

Identity, Packaging

Smelly Paws

This is a design rebrand for Smelly Paws, which is a vegan pet friendly candle small business. I wanted to give them a fun new look and identity for their candles and fragrance oils, that carried the essence of their brand throughout.

Identity, Print, Packaging, Advertising


There is a unique challenge that women in India face on a regular basis, and that is the discrimination against menstruation. This is where the Devi organization is wanting to create change and to be the voice of awareness and advocacy for the topic of women’s personal health and menstruation in India.

Identity, Packaging

Boozy Bear Brewery

Boozy Bear Brewery is a fun and unique cooperative brewery, they like to have fun with our craft beers and experiment with different flavours. They also like using alliteration, if you couldn’t tell already. They want their packaging and branding to be as whimsical and exciting as they are.