Hello, It is a pleasure to introduce myself, I am Dominic and I am a recent graduate from KPU’s Wilson School of Design Product Design Program. I am passionate about bringing both functionality and creativity into solutions and designs of my work. I am always looking to learn and expand my knowledge base and experiment with a wide variety of software and machinery to allow others to experience something unique and exciting. I look forward to sharing more of myself and my work with you in the future.

Protective Swimwear for Women Using Insulin Pump Therapy

Insealin protects electronic medical equipment being submerged in water during aquatic sports. Placing your insulin pump inside the pouch then rolling the closure method around the pouch allows for the insulin pump to have the tubing pass through while having a seal that prevents water from entering the dry space. This protective enclosure is then capable of being placed inside a dedicated pocket with regards to the one-piece swimsuit, or into one of the numerous swim shorts options available on the consumer market.

The name of the Insealin brand is threefold, the  concept comes from seal fur which has properties  making it hydrophobic and provides a barrier from the skin as well as the name is shared with a seal on a container which provides protection in a  similar way. With those points in mind the brand name was established, Insealin which is a homophone of the medication used by  individuals who have diabetes, Insulin. The  combination of all these resulted in the sealing concept together.

Concept Development

The progression of prototype development was split between three main areas, 3D printing, thermal adhesion and sewing.The 3D printing is used for exploring the closure method, the thermal adhesion is done with a domestic home iron to bond TPU coated materials together and finally the sewing is to explore the creation of a custom swimsuit to house the previously stated elements of Insealin.

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