Marie-Pier, who goes by MP, is originally from a small town in Quebec she moved to BC to pursue her sailing dreams and fell in love with the mountains. Her love for the outdoors has fueled her passion for innovation in equipment and gear. When not working away, she is out in the woods or on a mountain somewhere. MP strive to be part of the future of the outdoor industry by creating products to allow people to explore the amazing Earth we live on while making the industry more gentle on the planet.


This project was done in a group of four individuals where we all had to design a shoe as part of a collection. MP designed a blue sky winter boot for ACG a subset of the Nike brand. Inspired by the ruggedness of the mountains and the playfulness of the sunsets, the Elfin boot is the perfect boot to keep style in adventure!


The E-Nova was born out of Project Arrow an extracurricular design competition where MP and Bailee van Rikxoort designed a new concept for a first all Canadian made electric vehicle, that was put on by the APMA. MP and Bailee were selected as part of the three finalist teams to bring their concept into a fully 3D render using Alias Auto Studio.

Vibe Killer

This project was done in the second year of the program with the intent of designing a PPE glove for a chosen industry. By looking at construction workers that use large output power tools MP and her team designed a glove to better address the harmful vibrations that the workers sustain while working. By providing better vibration dampening and desirability to be worn.


In the third year of the product design bachelor, students are asked to designed a piece of PPE for a chosen industry. MP looked at the commercial fishing industry and found that the lack of compliance of wearing personal flotation devices (PFD) is often linked with deaths and accidents that happen out at sea. By investigating how to create a more comfortable and durable PFD for them, she created the Seamate a durable shell that can sustain grease and oils from the fish and a revised bladder for more comfort around the neck.

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