Hello! My name is Kira, and I am a recent graduate from KPU's Wilson School of Designs Product Design Program. I am passionate about conceptualizing innovative ideas within areas that require problem solving and research development. Three aspects I want to carry on into working in industry are inspire change, design with empathy, and think sustainably. Feel free to check out my website and add me on LinkedIn where you can find my portfolio and CV.

Fresh Alert

Food Waste is a fast growing problem and is affecting our environment negatively. As a way to combat the CO2 emissions caused by food not properly being discarded, we have to first make a change starting in the home. Why are we wasting so much food? How can we change that behavior? After spending a year researching and developing a prototype, I have designed an easy to use product for the kitchen. By incorporating technology and sensors into a food container, we can ALERT the consumer when their food is starting to go bad, before it does! The sensor is used to measure ethylene that is produced by aging foods. Once it reaches a specific level, the sensor will signal an LED to turn on, alerting the consumer. 

Lid, seal and Techbox

Hinge Component Prototype

Lid Attachment

Functional Prototype

Tech Box Components

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