Huixian (Nimi)

Nimi always observes the world through the lens of product design and marketing, asking herself: how to design different products to better serve community and individual lives?


Removeable High Heels

Hilcoms are high heels designed with removable heels. Each pair of high heels that could be changed in seconds. Users can increase the stability of the body, relieve pressure on the feet and reduce the risk of physical injury. The removable system allows the user to change to a different heel replacement in less than 3 seconds with two simple actions. Also, users can easily accomplish this goal without taking off their shoes in public.

The removable system allows users to customize their heels, such as height, shape, material, weight, pattern, and colour. In addition, sustainability is the highlight of this product. When the heel wears out, users can save the cost of buying a new pair of heels by simply switching the heel replacement.

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