Yasmin Sirton is an industrial designer based in Vancouver, BC. Her love of learning has led her many places, from farm work to flamenco, but making and design has been a lifelong thread through every curiosity. In her free time, she enjoys working hands on, especially designing instruments and working with soft products.


Wrist sprains and strains are one of the most common types of injuries and one of the most costly to the healthcare system. They are often without a single cause, as stresses to the wrist from a variety of factors build on one another. In sport, leisure, and work contexts, a variety of products and practices are used to lower the risk of these types of injuries, but little is currently done in the home environment where 34% of these injuries are reported to occur. One size does not fit all, and incorrect sizing results in increased energy expenditure and risk of injury.

Affine is a system of tool grip customization for the prevention of cumulative wrist injuries. Its proof of concept takes the form of a knife handle, as cutting and chopping are one of the most common triggers of wrist pain in the home. A user can input their own measurements and hold preferences which will automatically be converted into a truly individualized handle. Disassembly and repairability extend the lifespan of Affine and allows products to be easily swapped between users without putting anyone in any extra risk. Affine is focused on prevention of injury, but the same things that prevent injuries can also help those suffering from them.

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