Much of my passion for design stems from my love of sketching. Since I was a kid, I always seemed to gravitate towards drawing cartoons on high school homework sheets. Since then, I would like to think I have evolved to represent my work in a much more sophisticated way. The concept that has stuck with me the most is that every great design starts with a sketch. Much of my inspiration comes from digital illustrations and semi realistic portraits. I tend to mix the world of sports with cartoons in order to create a visual representation that I believe identifies with people. While I enjoy cartoons, I am also interested in graphic design and footwear design. Sports helped fuel my shoe addiction which inevitably led me to want to make my own.

I joined the FIND program to see the many varieties of inspiration the design world has to offer. While I still have much to learn, I find that I approach the creative process in a much more positive way. As a designer, I want to inspire others to do something creative. If my work can expose a level of curiosity within the individual to make them stop for even a second, I have done my job.

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