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Arrival Coordinates Arrival Coordinates
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Welcome Creative Leaders.

Applicants Arrival complete. Successful transmission from solar system WSD 2020, planet Graphic Design for Marketing. Dedicated study of human subgroup Designers successful. Please inspect applicants and approve for industry transition.

We must assimilate.


Assimilation Applicants

These Applicants have Arrived

All levels of training completed. Examples of training results displayed for inspection. As Creative Leader Representative using special skills, please examine results and confirm assimilation by liking Applicant.

Thank you for assisting in successful Arrival and Applicant assimilation.

Melissa Fraser

Julianne Herbert

Sarah Kraft

Jessica Limoanco

Linda Luu

Samantha Mayes

Nathan Peralta

Quinn Saunders

Meagan Schulz

Veloria Scowan


Graphic Design for Marketing Program

Over the course of a 4 year Bachelor’s Degree program at the Wilson School of Design, students develop the skills and abilities to strategize, conceptualize, design, and produce effective marketing communications.

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