Design has always been a part of Hannah's life, knowing from a young age that she belonged in a creative setting. Getting a taste of Architecture school in the Philippines, she decided to pursue her interest in design after moving to Vancouver, Canada. Hannah believes that her cultural experience helps her have a different point of view and better relate a design concept to someone's culture and personality.

Throughout her studies, Hannah has received several awards for her innovative projects as well as her academic accomplishments in interior design. She developed a passion for wellness and human-centred design applied in institutional, commercial and hospitality design. When not working or studying, Hannah enjoys staying active, spending time with friends and family, exploring new places, or reading a good book to reflect and recharge.

What is BOND?

Bond is a unique hybrid institution that combines student apartments with a pet daycare. The mission is to create a pet-friendly space that accommodates college and university students within downtown Vancouver.

With easy access to public transit, nearby restaurants and retail amenities, BOND Student Apartments is the perfect fit for students looking for a pet-friendly, unique and convenient living environment. At BOND, residents can bring and live with their pets, and residents who don’t have pets have the option to engage with, volunteer, or even foster a pet from the daycare. The daycare specializes in bringing accessible care for pets and provides a space for residents and the public to leave their pets during the day. Along with the daycare, a student cafe and lounge promotes socialization with pets and people. The project’s concept came from the playfulness of a pet’s tail and aims to bring fun and play through colour to promote student wellbeing.

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