A real people person, Isaac loves the genuine connections made through collaboration when designing. His previous work experience has allowed him to flourish within the Interior design program at the Wilson school of Design and as an academic. Much of his time in university has further evolved his perspective on the ways to be an advocate for social justice in design, as one of few Latin American interior designers in Canada, as well as critically apply sustainable strategies in an effort to work towards becoming a better Interior Designer. Respect, reliability, and responsibility are core values he holds and will continually be at the forefront through his contributions to any project.

The Latin American Museum Of Canada

The proposal for a cultural museum is to represent the underrepresented diaspora of a specific ethnic group in Vancouver’s diverse cultural fabric. The specificity of selecting Latin America is intended to commence a conversation of education and voice the unique experiences of the generations that have come after their settlement in Canada.

This project will advocate for the need of a Latin American Museum in Vancouver as an endeavor for equity, equality, and education. Mis-representation exists deeply within the Canadian immigration and census systems, requiring a much needed “debate [on] the categories of race and ethnicity” (Canadian Hispanic Bar Association, 2020, para.1). This is one of many issues that enforce ignorant racial and ethnic misconceptions as Latin Americans must overcome “accent and language obstacles, professional accreditation issues, discriminatory hiring processes and the effect of gender” (Hernandez & Mata, 2021, para. 11). This project will ensue a change within Vancouver’s historical and culturally rich Strathcona neighborhood by providing a place of inclusion and inspiration.

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