Over the past four years that Jackie spent at KPU she discovered her deeply rooted passion for empathetic and meaningful design; not only for the users inside the built environment, but for the community as well and what that really means for social sustainability. She loves the creative and connectivity that design brings to people on a personal level, and loves to hone in on that with her design thinking. She has found that her love for design always traced back to a a fun blend of workplace, retail and restaurant design. When not at her desk, Jackie always manages to stress release by spending time in nature by skiing the local slopes, playing hockey, or singing karaoke.


The HUB is a collaborative brewery that provides accessibility for startup microbreweries by providing commercial brewery equipment, a collaborative coworking environment, as well as a connection to keen customers.

Problems for Startup Micro Breweries

Startup in micro breweries have challenges which deter new users from entering the beer making market: the high overhead cost of brewing equipment, experience and collaboration requirements, as well as the need for a loyal client base.

My Solution

The HUB solves these problems by providing accessibility for startup microbreweries by providing access to commercial brewery equipment, creating a collaborative co-working environment, as well as connecting brewers to keen customers in a fun atmosphere to enjoy their beer.

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