Design is from us, for us, and about us.

Denise sincerely believes in the benefits of human-centered design and the potential it has to continue improving the overall quality of living. Additionally, she gained strong interpersonal skills, organizational skills, and presentation skills through the program over the years, allowing her to produce excellent outcomes. Personally, she has a passion for creativity and innovation, as well as a desire to make a positive difference in people's lives and communities through design. In addition, she values the pursuit of knowledge and learning as a lifelong process.

The Rendezvous Student Residence

It is a place for creative students to call their home. To live; to connect; and create to their heart’s content. Imagine a place where highly creative individuals are given the freedom to dive deep into their imaginations and create their wildest ideas 24-7.

The Student Residence was named Rendezvous for a reason. It’s for creative thinkers to come together and inspire one another. The project advocates for the importance and the power of building a community of creatives and the positive impact it contributes to society at large.

The residence is designed for flexibility and adaptability, to build a community, and support social sustainability. It is designed to accommodate a wide range of personalities, not only that, the health and wellbeing of each individual is a top priority. 

It’s not just a place for creating. It is also a place for living.

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