Born and raised in Kelowna BC, Sandeep has always had a love for creativity and design, creating makeshift floor plans on grid paper as a child led her to pursue her passion in interior design at the Wilson School of Design at KPU. Through her education Sandeep was able to become more knowledgeable on conceptual design as well as evidence-based design and enjoys researching to support her work. In Sandeep’s free time she enjoys spending time with family and friends or engaging her creative side by painting, drawing and even baking allowing her to express herself in many ways. Sandeep is extremely outgoing and enjoys meeting new people and creating connections. She is determined and always keen to learn and is excited to enter the industry

Haven House

Haven house is a second stage housing project which provides women who are victims of domestic violence an opportunity for safety, security, and privacy. Located in the Gastown neighbourhood in Vancouver BC the 5-storey building provides many amenities to grow towards a more independent and empowered future.

The Design Concept

The concept behind the design was inspired by the Hawa Mahal in India, a palace which utilizes Jali screens to protect the identity of the royal women residing within the palace. It allowed these women to look down through the windows to observe the daily life below them while pedestrians were unable to look up and identify these women. Jali screens were utilized throughout Haven House to create visual barriers as well as other design methods to provide a similar sense of safety and privacy.

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