Growing up in Toronto Canada, Tiffany always loves to explore and experience new adventures, and that is why she moved to Vancouver to develop her passion for art and design at KPU. From a young age she was intrigued to see how a home is a representation of the families that live in them. This sparked an interest on how interior spaces can shape and affect people's lives. So she began her educational journey to develop an understanding of how to shape people's experiences and how they interact within a space.

BNTC HOTL – Botanical Hotel

Over the past four years at KPU, Tiffany developed another interest in sustainability and the natural environment, and this sparked an idea for her final capstone project to design a sustainability inspired hotel.

Nature Within A Hotel

BNTC HOTL is an opportunity to incorporate nature within a hotel and contribute to the local community by adding a sustainable focused building in the built urban environment of Gastown, BC. Our goal is to reconnect people with nature and to promote work-life balance. Through interaction and visual access to natural element and sensory stimulation. Also by maintaining sustainable practices that include rooftop garden to provide fresh produce for the restaurant and local community, and passive heating and cooling through the atrium to allow airflow and natural daylight to all levels of the building.

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