With a background in politics and sociology, Kiran is able to further delve into designing holistically. With the foundations gained from the Wilson School of Design, she plans to practice her creativity through her designs to positively impact society by supporting the mental and physical health and wellbeing of others. She is passionate about sustainability, quality of life and overall ethical responsibilities as a designer. Kiran is confident in her ability to strive for the best through her designs and has a very keen interest in all types of designs which range from Interior, Furniture and Product design. She believes that through design we can build a better future that encompasses all types of users. When not designing, Kiran is interested in exploring nature, staying active and enjoying time with friends and family.

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is an elementary school that is designed within a well respected, re purposed Church in the heart of East Hastings, Vancouver BC. Through understanding the demographic in the area as well as the need for a safe and educational space for abused children, we were able to create The Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary helps create a space that allows young children to feel safe and secure from their exterior reality while providing a space to harbour friendships, gain an emotional understanding of one another and encourage empathy. This is done through sanctioning off the school from the exterior, opening sightlines and providing spaces where children can be themselves.

While maintaining this safe space, a large focus is put on these children’s education which is harvested through an innovative educational model that thrives on flexibility, play and individuality. This allows these students to feel motivated to learn and encourages a successful future for them. Through focusing on these aspects and taking inspiration from the original building, we were able to create a safe, positive and exciting space for the children that reside here.

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