Hi my name is Clio Tran
I have a dream of traveling to Japan
I am 23 years old, and a fashion marketing student
I have a dog named Kingston but sometimes he’s impudent
I love clothes and everything about fashion
I’ve learned so much in this program that it’s become a passion
Networking in this industry is a must
I’ve made new connections that I can trust
Good grades are something that must be earned
Adobe softwares were something I’ve learned
As a fashion marketer you must be hard working
I’ve finished the program so I will be job searching
As a creative I am always finding inspiration
But sometimes I need to trust my imagination
My goals have changed like fashion in the year
But styling fits has always been clear
Damn those two years were hella long
I raise a glass to all that finished strong

Planogram and Delivery Merchandising

Editorial Photoshoot

This photoshoot draws inspiration from uniforms of European and American teenagers and college students in the 1970’s with the personal attitude of the modern era. This collection of androgynous looks will bridge the gaps between male and female form, showcasing them in a sleek and attractive middle ground. 

The garments will be shot in a formal matter, highlighting structure and modern shapes, but the versatility of each piece cannot be understated. The garments will serve as terrific building blocks for the end product to be subtle yet distinctive enough for everyday use in a variety of scenarios. In our editorial shoot, we will communicate the nostalgia of school life reimagined in a modern way that shares what has changed since the era of inspiration.

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