My name is Shaye-lily and ever since I was little I have been creative. I felt passionate about expressing myself through fashion, design and art. Although I know when you think of fashion marketing you think of clothes but my passion around fashion is with jewelry. When I was younger I wanted to run my own business and follow in the steps of my dad. Once I decided I wanted to follow my passion in jewelry and create my own jewelry business I felt that the necessary skills would be a great thing to have under my belt. This is where Wilson school of design came in. I decided to enroll in the fashion marketing program to elevate my marketing skills and my knowledge of the industry. Previously working as a manager at Blueruby, working at Aritzia head office, and as of now running my own business it has really shaped me into the marketer I am today. Wilson School of design has opened up many opportunities and introduced me to many creatives in the Fashion community. I am very excited for my future in fashion and the opportunities to come with everything I have learned.

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