My name is Jessica, but most people call me Jess. I was born and raised on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. I would say I am a very honest and open-minded person. I like seeking new opportunities and taking risks. In my free time I love travelling and discovering new places, cultures, people, as well as checking out new landscapes. Growing up I never thought about the way I dressed in the mornings on my way to school or going out, I just dressed up and went out the door. As I’ve grown older, I felt my style shift and wanted to finally express myself through clothing and have statement pieces in my wardrobe while also having great staples. I finally felt good with my fashion choices in my twenties as I keep on growing as an adult, feeling confident and keeping my looks casual with a taste of chic. Thrifting and consignment shopping has become very popular over the last few years, and I’ve happily been able to find some amazing staples and eco-friendly items that will last.

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