Hello! My name is Kelly Tan and I am super excited to be graduating from the Fashion Marketing program! My love for fashion and dressing up has stemmed from since I was a kid, but I truly decided to pursue fashion as a career through my experience volunteering at Vancouver Fashion Week in high school. The experience left me in awe with the fashion industry and I knew I had to pursue fashion as my career. From then on I went to pursue more fashion opportunities in sales, visual merchandising, marketing, and personal shopping before finally deciding to study Fashion Marketing to further develop and enhance my skills. I have a more business-oriented mindset but loved creative things such as film, architecture, and design as a hobby, therefore I thought it was perfect that this program combined both creativity and business together. I am thankful to have the opportunity to take this program as I have learned so much- from developing my computer application skills to networking to business- this program has truly taught me the skills I will need to succeed in my future career aspirations. Thank you to my peers and instructors for helping me grow throughout this program, I wouldn't be here without you!

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