Ever since I was little, I knew that I was motivated by my love for fashion. I grew up with my Grandpa who was a tailor and my mother who was an avid quilt maker. Sewing came naturally to me and creating my own clothing was a huge part of my own personal style! I was able to make unique pieces that would fit me perfectly. Dressing in rainbows, as well as combining patterns and styles slowly became dressing in a natural color palette and classic silhouettes, yet my passion stayed strong throughout my life. As I got older, I found a new passion for digital and physical marketing. I explored the ideas of using social media, as well as using Online software to create posters, and came upon my skill set of layout and design. I explored both passions throughout high school and came to determine that both passions were too strong to just pick one to pursue.The fashion marketing program has taught me the skills I need to thrive in the field and offered support in my endeavors such as creative hustles like my custom denim company as well as a brand I'm working on for supportive bras for larger cup sizes and smaller band sizes. After the program I will be working towards my Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree, to have the perfect medley of Fashion, Marketing, and business to succeed in the field.

Pop-Up Shop

The Pop-up shop was the final assignment during my first year in the fashion marketing program. For this project we were to research where we would hyphithetially hold the shop using research on our target market, make a full marketing plan of cohesive branding as well as pitching our product and brand through a digital platform as this was the year of fully online learning due to COVID-19. 

Bon aju, “good fit” in french, was my lingerie company I created catering to larger busts. The company had a dedication to finding the perfect fit. The brand was empowered by the lack of representation of beautiful lingerie for larger chests in the field. The sophisticated color schemes and reasonable prices made it inclusive and stylish. 

This project taught me many valuable skills such as starting a business and the materials needed for an event as such. As well, this was my first taste into using target markets to my advantage and relating my product and other deliverables to a specific niche buyer.

Magazine Covers

My magazine covers were my first project at the Wilson School of Design. We were to use the Adobe programs and create a magazine cover for a popular print company. I chose to use Vogue as my inspiration as this was my first fashion magazine, and to this day a very well known and influential magazine. I chose to do a collection of 3 bright and colorful designs featuring articles of things I am passionate about. 

This project helped me develop my skill with the Adobe programs. I also took away a strong skill for layout techniques as well as design principles. 


This photoshoot was in collaboration with Jessica Thai and Victoria Burke. In charge of executing a photoshoot that was fully design collaboration focused, we reached out to local photographers, models, makeup artists and hairstylists that were willing to work with us for this assignment. We chose to take vintage photos from working men in the city and put a spin on them. Women’s rights have come so far and our photoshoot encapsulated the idea of a woman in 2021 in this role that a man would have been in using feminie touches partnered with oversized masculine pieces. 

This shoot taught me the importance of communication and collaboration as well as preparation. Working with strong minded, creative people can be difficult, yet it taught me the importance of compromise and the skill of communication. Preparation was crucial as we had to start planning months before. I made a detailed timeline outlining every week leading to the shoot, ensuring we got everything done. 


This planogram is based on the spring/summer 2022 season made for Oak and Fort. Releasing on March 25th, the collection includes a mix of light linen spring pieces with layering pieces for the transition from the Winter to the Spring. The collection keeps to the natural color palette of chocolate brown, tan, and off white,with some pieces featuring a vintage feel floral pattern.This collection is timeless and effortless. All pieces can be worn mix and match, the collection can be purchased as separates or bought in full for both men and women’s collections. The collection is made fully with sustainability in mind, like many other pieces at Frank and Oak, all fabrics are mindfully sourced with the promise for durable, functional, and stylish looks, while keeping a sustainable closet. 

This assignment taught me the ins and outs of forecasting as well as how to tell a story through fashion. Having a strong skill set in forecasting will help with validating designs and gives direction as to what pieces and trends will sell during that season. Storytelling skills are especially important in the fashion industry as you want your new line or collection to exude the vision that the company wants the consumer to see in order to spark the need to buy. 

Paper Label Media

Collaborating with Fiona MacLean, we created a media kit for local Vancouver started company Paper Label. We did a press release promoting ‘Tis the Season to Sip’ launch party happening on December 1st. We included a background of CEO Teressa Lake, timeline of the company, fundraisers and community involvement, stockists as well as a full lookbook. 

This assignment taught me professional writing skills as well as how to successfully display your brand in a way that public relation specialists will pick up.

Pete Jeans

I created Pete jeans in 2020, this is a small business where I take previously loved denim from thrift stores and revamp them into new unique pieces. I have a passion for sustainability as well as creative talents such as digital design and painting.I started by painting a pair of my own jeans with a butterfly design which I then posted to my personal instagram. I was flooded with likes and comments and it pushed me to pursue this passion further. I was able to turn my hobby into a hustle. My company was featured in the Surrey Now as well as being featured on the Wilson School of Design page. 

“Learning both the creative and the business sides of a company has helped me so much understand how to run a strong company as well as important skills like networking, connections and marketing skills. Having the faith in myself that I know how to create meaningful marketing and strong business ethics has made this experience so amazing.” – Kylie Haywood

Industry Experience

I have been given the opportunity to explore working in retail at Aritzia as well as in a head office role. Working in retail as a Seasonal Boutique Associate, I was taught skills such as handling merchandise shipments, assisting with floor layout and pricing as well as providing excellence to customers with help to the sales team. 

In my current role as a Style Advisor with the Concierge team, I have created exceptional experiences for over 600 clients while building long-term relationships, and helping clients find perfect style solutions to fit individual fashion needs while maximizing sales volume. This has taught me so many valuable customer service skills as well as given me a look into business operations. 

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