As a natural introvert, I discovered my love for fashion at an early age when I quickly took to clothing as a form of self-expression. Through the countless style evolutions I've experienced in my life so far, I've always found that the clothes I wore impacted my self-confidence. Before studying at the Wilson School of Design, I worked in retail sales and visual merchandising. Despite having this experience and a certificate in fashion merchandising, I felt that there was more I could learn and experience as a fashion marketing student. Over the past two years, I've learned the importance of surrounding myself with inspiration to continuously grow, while developing strong written and visual communication skills along the way. After working closely with my peers, I have a deeper appreciation for creative collaboration. As styling has always been a passion of mine, I hope to become a stylist for others looking to enhance their look. There is nothing I find more exciting than encouraging people to embrace their natural beauty and exude confidence. If there is one thing I would take away from my experience in this program, it's that virtually anything is possible as long as I'm willing to put in the work. Along with my styling endeavours, I'm ready to take on any opportunity that presents itself.

Visual Merchandising

For FMRK 2105 (Visual Fashion Merchandising and Promotion), one of the projects required us to research and select a trend forecast for Spring/Summer 2022, plan an appropriate product line for a specific retailer and its target market, and develop a clear planogram for the visual merchandising team to follow. After conducting thorough research on trends and the target market for the retailer, I was able to design and develop a cohesive and visually appealing planogram that attracts customers and optimizes sales. This was one of my favourite projects, as it allowed me to use my strongest skills in visual and written communication, forecasting, and merchandising.

Fashion Styling

Another project I enjoyed required us to produce a fashion editorial photospread featuring a F/W 2021 trend. The purpose of this project was to not only tell a clear visual story, but to also develop professional relationships, research, source, and organize all necessary components for a successful photoshoot. I began this project by researching trends and brainstorming concept ideas with my group. We decided to focus on the opulence of the roaring twenties and follow a young woman enjoying the renewed freedom of the city. After facing the challenges of working in a team, I learned the importance of effective communication to foster a collaborative and creative space. This was the first editorial styling project I worked on, and it inspired me to follow this passion. 

For one of my last courses in the program, FMRK 2260 (Entrepreneurial eCommerce for Fashion Marketing), I decided to create a website for Elevate, a styling agency that provides services to help enhance your personal style and curate a timeless wardrobe. Through developing a digital presence, I was able to use the knowledge I have learned about marketing, SEO, communication, and social media. Having this well-rounded set of skills will allow me to effectively launch this business in the foreseeable future. View the website here.

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