My name is Jessica Thai and I am a Fashion Marketing student who has a deep passion for styling, after attaining experience in the retail environment and social media marketing. Through this two year program, I was able to attain knowledge in various career paths and have grown to be confident in my decision making and creative ideas. Being ambitious and goal oriented will be a great advantage for me to advance within the fashion industry with my strong communication, observational, and teamwork skills.

Pop Up Shop

This was a storytelling project meant to focus on and refine our research and digital skills as well as marketing strategies to validate our branding choices. Fueling our imagination, this project challenged our creative approach to identify a need and develop marketing strategies to align our ideas with our end users.


The photoshoot is by far one of my favourite projects I’ve taken on during my two years in this program. This was a creatively driven group effort which required efficient communication, organizational, and time management skills between every individual involved. We only had a few weeks to plan and execute our concept and bring it to life. Being the creative directors and stylists, it was so much fun to recruit our models, photographer, and makeup artist. Organizing everyone’s schedules and working with a time crunch has developed my planning, problem solving and critical thinking skills. I learned that plans will never go exactly as we intend and that I will always have to prepare to tackle any potential issues that may occur.


Working on the Plan-O-Gram project was such an eye opening experience for me. I didn’t realize how important it was to have the skills to work on visually driven content digitally. When I first started this program, I had learned basic skills on how to use Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator. This project was an immense stepping stone for me to further develop my basic knowledge and almost forced me to take the initiative to hone my skills in order to deliver my ideas the way I imagined them. It has definitely inspired and motivated me to continue to advance my skills as I’ve discovered that I am more than capable of doing so.

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