Hello! I am a highly motivated, passionate individual, with an eye for detail and a yearning to learn. A fascination with the physiological and psychological impact of the built environment on the human experience lies at the core of my design philosophies, and has become a driving point behind my studies and exploration in my personal time.

A lover of travel and conversation, I constantly seek to expand my understanding of the world around me and to enrich my own practice. I am intent on navigating my future in design with a research foundation and human-centered approach.


THE DISTRICT is a multi-use development offering residential suites, a co-working office and marketplace with the intent of supporting young entrepreneurs and the growth of small business in the heart of downtown Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

It is to be a place where young entrepreneurs can create, live, relax and build connections, where public life is welcomed into its marketplace and the business community into its core – it is to become a neighourhood, within a neighbourhood.

The project is set within two iconic buildings that were once the crossing point for ideas and conversations of travellers and business people moving through this junction point in Central Canada. When constructed, they signified the future of this city. With that in mind, the intent of this project was to reimagine how they could once again represent that.

Conceptually driven by the context of the Prairie landscape in contrast to the narrative of the historical buildings, an exploration in expressing wide panoramas and endless skies manifested itself through the use of multi-floor penetrations to emphasize the vertical and bring the living skies in, while playing with horizontal datums to ground and provide visual stability.

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