Emily is a quirky and creative individual who is known for her vivid imagination and love of colour. Her passion for design became evident at a young age when she would build custom houses out of Lego for her dolls. She is so excited to get out into the world and channel that creativity into real-world projects. Throughout her degree, Emily has developed a keen interest in healthcare design. She has found a passion for using evidence based, and user-centered design to create healthy, healing spaces. Emily’s strengths lie in research, conceptual development, problem solving, and leadership.

Tree House

Treehouse, Emily’s capstone project, highlights her passion for user-centered, and evidence based design. Treehouse is a family-centric youth mental health care centre in which parents are a part of their child’s care team and also receive treatment themselves. Treehouse offers a holistic approach to mental wellness where emotional, social, physical and intellectual wellness are seen as equally important to a person’s overall health.

The intent was to create a vibrant and approachable space in which families can come together to receive treatment. This was achieved by providing a safe and controlled healing environment with spaces for education, fitness, counselling, and pediatric medical care. Treehouse also offers small scale suites for families to stay in over the course of their treatment. These essential services are paired with plenty of play spaces for kids and lounge spaces for adults, resulting in a fun and inviting experience for users of all ages.

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