Design is in everything. Derren is drawn to traveling and exploring the world’s cultures, history and knowledge. Through travel, he has learned to derive inspiration from the various cultures within the built and natural environments. Design is a useful tool in understanding how the world works and how we can make it better. After completing this degree, Derren plans to continue his quest for knowledge. There is so much the world can teach us. We must be open-minded to enjoy the learning process.

BeWilder Social Hub

BeWilder Social Hub is a thesis on designing safe spaces for community engagement using evidence based design. Some strategies used in this project are: symbolism of the rainbow (communicating a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community), expansion of Hyack Square into the building to increase community event space, and incorporating living material into the project (which helps increase oxygen levels, lowering heart rate, and making the user feel calmer).

We are using Algae technology which anchors social spaces, recycles light from Luminaires during the day to produce a natural glow at night, along with the production of O2 from CO2 released from building occupants.

The rainbow is used as a wayfinding tool. Each floor is assigned its own color which gives you the feeling of traveling up and down the rainbow as you traverse the building.

By penetrating the building, more natural light enters and provides an opportunity for plants to act as a social connector. These spaces visually connect across the atrium which helps the user navigate the space and link the community together.

As you walk along the day beds, you will pass fragrant herbs overlooking the indoor atrium which acts as a refuge from the urban environment.

Hotel guests arrive at the lobby and see Algae light fixtures clustered in with Bocci lights that create a symbiotic relationship. These lights use natural and artificial light, illuminating the space. This ceiling feature leads them to a desk covered in luggage to pay homage to the building’s past as a train station. Over the reception, the structure is bathed in foliage to give the feeling of forest bathing.

The Pod accommodation uses CAM plants which release oxygen at night. This allows the user to feel calmer as they sleep in tight quarters. Fresh air and bright light from the skylights will give the guests a fresh morning start as they prepare to explore the city of New West.

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