Fascinated by colour, texture, and interactive qualities, Emily Kuch has a playful nature and personality which shines through in her designs. With a fun yet professional attitude, Emily is confident, driven, and always up for a new challenge. Her interests include: evidence-based design, universal accessibility, human experience and sustainability. Emily brings a unique twist to every design while exploring her passion for healthcare, educational, and office design projects.


Keystone is an Alternative educational centre for youth at risk. The purpose of this project is to design an educational environment that aids in addressing students aged 10-18 who drop out of school, and create an environment that helps them succeed along with increasing graduation rates. We will do this by creating a safe community for vulnerable youth in an educational environment through control/flexibility, community interaction and nature.

Our Concept

Misfit is defined as something that is set apart from another in an uncomfortable way. We have incorporated this into the space by creating spaces that have a regular quality to them, but have moments of imbalance or incorporate dynamic gestures, as well as by bringing the outside in. Having elements that don’t belong in a certain setting stand out, yet still seem to fit. We want to reclaim the word and help students find comfort in what doesn’t seem to work in traditional environments. Similar to the name of the school Keystone, known as the stone in the center of an arch that stands out yet locks the whole together.


Keystone provides a diverse range of accessible education for students at risk. Responding to the needs of the students and going above and beyond traditional skills. We take the health and wellbeing of our students to the highest level, offering different opportunities and creating a variety of learning environments.

We give students the encouragement and flexibility they need to become competent, critical, and creative thinkers.

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