Born in Calgary, AB, Nicole grew up watching design shows and playing simulation games where she spent more time designing homes than playing the games. After graduating with an Interior Decorating Diploma from Bow Valley College, Nicole wanted to design spaces that impact peoples’ quality of living beyond the aesthetics. She believes in the design philosophy: “Everyone deserves the right to live and work in a beautiful space. In a world full of dishonesty, sadness and frustration, we all deserve to be enclosed in spaces that make us feel safe and sound for our mental and physical health."

The Lotus Centre

The Lotus Centre is a proposed second stage housing project that aims to allow children and animals the ability to accompany women of domestic abuse; therefore, providing an opportunity for a greater demographic of victims to leave the cycle of domestic abuse and seek help. This will be a holistic approach with residents being housed, given life skills to take care of themselves, and given the resources and support systems for moving forward in their lives.

Women of domestic abuse, their children, and their pets will be living at The Lotus Centre. Along with providing living accommodations, The Lotus Centre incorporates a private seminar program that invites schools and registered guests to learn about dealing with abuse or supporting affected victims. The goal of this program is to spread awareness and knowledge on how to best deal with domestic violence in order to help curb domestic violence in Vancouver.

By drawing inspiration from innovative community living projects and using the BC Housing regulations as a guide, The Lotus Centre is an evidence-based community living centre that hopes to bring friendship and trust into the lives of those residing in the centre.

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