After completing a Bachelor of Business Administration and Marketing degree in Dubai, Dorsa moved to Vancouver where she followed her life-long passion of Interior Design. She completed her Interior Design Certificate at BCIT and joined KPU to pursue her Bachelor’s degree. Having lived in 4 different countries and travelled to more than 17 countries throughout her life, she offers unique approaches in design and problem solving. Dorsa is a well-rounded, detail-oriented, business-minded and driven designer who draws inspiration from her experiences and exposures from around the world.

Ukiyo Aparthotel

Ukiyo Aparthotel is a response to an increasing demand for hotel rooms in Vancouver, at a time when by-law restrictions enforced on short-term rentals are limiting platforms such as Airbnb. The project is located in one of the most historic neighbourhoods at the heart of Vancouver at 303 West Pender Street. As reliable as a hotel with all the warmth and character of a home, Ukiyo offers an intimate yet luxurious option for weekly and monthly stays in studio, 1-bedroom or spacious 2-bedroom apartments. Within the space, guests have access to an exclusive bar and lounge, a business centre, a state of the art fitness centre and yoga studio, as well as a spa and wellness facility.

Inspired by the local history of the neighbourhood, where most of Vancouver’s newspapers once clustered, the concept is derived from newspaper pages and layouts, combining horizontal and vertical columns, grids, headlines and white spaces in between.
Ukiyo, a floating world, a place of fleeting beauty and living in the moment, detached from bothers of life. Creating an immersive hospitality experience within a self-contained accommodation.

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