The four years that I’ve spent at the Wilson School of Design Interior Design program have taught me many things, have also given me the freedom to create and develop my own design identity. I am very interested in exploring the realm of biophilic design. From previous research on the subject, I have found that this design can not only be beneficial to the wellbeing of the user but can also benefit our surrounding environment as it is sustainable in nature.

Emerge Studios

In Vancouver, artists face a multitude of problems. One of these problems being the lack of housing and studios available to them, so they resort to making up studio space in old warehouses that cost nearly as much rent as wherever they live. Aside from that, these spaces can be hazardous as they have not been properly ventilated or renovated to support the harsh materials artists use everyday. The art community in Vancouver is very big, so it’s surprising how few live/work solutions are available to them. When these studios do become available, they are very competitive to get in because of their high demand. Another large issue is the minimal artist-community engagements, which makes it difficult for artists to sell their work. What can interior design do to help solve these issues? As interior designers, we are tasked with making sure that everyone can have access to a space that will not negatively impact their health. A lot of the issues that afflict artists stem from a lack of interior design influence.

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