Growing up with a strong passion for art and design, Alyanna utilizes her technical skills to feed her interest for intentional and sustainable designs. After learning about sustainability at a young age, she carried it not only as a lifestyle, but continued to practice it in her studies. She values moments and experiences over materiality, which she hopes to influence others by creating environments that strongly build communities and relationships. As a designer, she practices and promotes good design methods that are socially and environmentally responsible.


Alyanna was born and raised in the Philippines. Moving to Canada, she recognized the importance of a community and saw the lack of spaces for Filipinos to come together and feel proud of their cultural identity in Greater Vancouver. This experience led to inform her capstone project, Bayanihan.

Bayanihan is a Filipino community hub and is a first of its kind in Vancouver. The hub aims to celebrate, educate, and promote the Filipino heritage, as it also aids newly landed Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) through the expansion of a cohousing program dedicated to alleviating the burden of the increasing housing market cost. Bayanihan strongly believes in the spirit of communal unity. In doing so, the hub brings the locals of Metro Vancouver and Filipino immigrants together to combat cultural isolation and provide a sense of community.

Apart from Design, Alyanna is passionate for travel and has a curiosity for different cultures and languages. With that, she hopes to get opportunities to work with like-minded people. Alyanna plans to become a Registered Interior Designer and to work towards familiarizing herself with sustainable standards such as LEED, Living Building Challenge, WELL, and Passive Design.

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