Ann moved to Canada from China when she was 18. Once in Canada, Ann began her studies with a diploma in Fine Arts from North Island College. Her Fine Arts training allowed her to embrace her creativity which she subsequently applied to her interior design education.

Ann is a new graduate of the Interior Design Bachelor program from Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Holding a strong passion for the design profession, Ann is particularly interested in hospitality and commercial projects, and is always keen on exploring new ideas or initiatives. Ann enjoys travel, food and art, which are also major inspirations to her design approach. She believes that design has the power to bring people happiness and help build an environment inhabiting and fostering inclusiveness and social equality.


OvenBlue is a pastry and confectionary training center proposed at 1523 Davie Street, Vancouver. OvenBlue is equipped with its own cafe and shop providing a wide selection of products.

Aside from the cafe and pastry shop, workshops that are open to the public will be held on a regular basis with a dynamic training scheme that is updated regularly. The professional training consists of a series of progressive classes. Students are not just going to acquire all the necessary skills to be competent bakers but find their own unique expressions in the culinary world.

OvenBlue aims to indulge the city with an authentic dining experience; provide a fun and supportive environment for both social and learning purposes; promote pastry culture; and build a community for people who share the same enthusiasm for pastry.

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