In her 4 years at KPU, Cassidy has discovered her passions lie in hospitality design and the human experience. She has always had an interest in the profound way that the design of interior space can affect human behaviour and emotion. This ultimately led her to pursue an education in interior design and she's glad she did. Getting to collaborate with peers and discover new perspectives through design was something Cassidy really enjoyed. Excited to start a new chapter of her life, she is keen on travelling as well as continuing to grow as a designer through her career.

When not working or studying, Cassidy enjoys spending time with friends and family, exploring new places, local or across the world, or being snuggled up with a good book to escape reality for a while.


Stoneboat is a boutique hotel and wine bar project inspired by BC’s Okanagan valley and the strong wine culture that comes from the area. It is a place where locals or travelers to Vancouver can come and experience a taste of the Okanagan. In a post-pandemic world, this will be a great alternative to travel as well as a source of local entertainment, and for brave travelers this provides a teaser for those who don’t have the time to make a proper trip to the Okanagan valley.

The project’s concept came from wine itself and more specifically the different bodies of wine from a full body to a light body. Starting in the cellar level, the bodies get lighter as you move up and create different experiences within the project. From the wine bar and cellar to the restaurant and the spa, we hope that guests enjoy their time at Stoneboat.

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