Megan has honed her skills and is ready to dive into a world of creating meaningful and empathetic designs. She has a passionate interest in biophilic design patterns, sustainability, and human centered experiential design that is always a part of her design process. Megan has found her range of creativity evolves with exploring outside of her comfort zone to push her designs further. Through her time in the Interior Design program, Megan has come to develop an interest in workplace, retail, and restaurant design.

When not at a desk, Megan enjoys spending her time in nature sketching and gathering inspiration for future projects!

Junction 74

Junction 74. is a co-working + study center located in the old Electric railway building at 774 Columbia St. in Downtown New Westminster. Junction 74. Co-working + Study responds to the needs of individuals 18-25 who are now working from home because of COVID and require more space in a stress free environment to stay productive and distraction free.

From analyzing the architecture of the building and understanding the needs of the users, the concept of juxtaposition between the history of the building’s industrial architecture and the organic forms of biophilic design patterns was developed.

By leveraging biophilic design patterns, we hope to create an environment that provides the users with an experience driven human centered design utilizing the benefits of nature to help reduce stress and increasing productivity + happiness while abiding and changing with COVID restrictions.

Junction 74. provides an inclusive space to all genders, orientations and abilities. Users will have access to:

  • Public cafĂ©
  • Separate co-work + study entry
  • Presentation space
  • Variety of seating types for:
    • Focus work
    • Individual
    • Group
  • Meeting space
  • Collaboration space
  • Kitchen + outdoor space
  • Printing

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