Courtney is an Interior Design graduate from the class of 2021! With a passion to create and design, she hopes to find herself immersed in design from around the world in her future. Courtney is inspired by spaces that evoke a sense of creativity, and those that relate to the health and wellbeing of its occupants. She loves the collaboration aspect of interior design. Her past jobs and volunteer experiences have allowed her to showcase her bubbly personality and she plans on bringing this forward into her interior design career.

Courtney had the opportunity to travel alone to over 10 different European countries. She fell in love with the rich history, design, and architecture that exists in these countries. Following this trip, she decided to pursue her passion for design and has not looked back since!


Roots is a multi-family residential project for young families in Vancouver, BC. This project strives to provide apartments and all necessary amenities for these families to thrive. It is focused most specifically on the design for children while still accommodating the adults.

This project focuses on 5 main domains: a home, spaces for kids, spaces for parents, outdoor space, and spaces that foster a learning environment. Within those domains, I focused on the following: entry, apartment, interactive wayfinding, courtyard, brew bar, play spaces catered to different age groups, a study space, and a daycare.

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